YouTube Trueview Costs & Options

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YouTube Trueview Costs And Options


Where YouTube Stands

Google: First biggest search engine in the world YouTube: Second biggest search engine and first biggest video search engine in the world

Television & YouTube

  • TV ads must cost millions for a prime time slot
  • Free views and clicks to website via YouTube – pay for only those who actually watch 30 seconds+ of your ad
  • On demand video could be better then prime time, the user has just clicked to watch a video as opposed to being given a three minute break to get a snack or coffee
  • Gain valuable market insight into who engaged with your ad – for how long and whether they went to your channel or website and track conversions online.
  • YouTube allows businesses to give your brand a personality, a face – talk to South Africa and send a strong message.

Trueview Options

Ad Format: In-Search

YouTube Ad Format - In Search

The format used to get into the top of a YouTube search (paid area) Use keywords for this targeting method The image ads on the right hand side can be pointed towards YouTube using Google Display (cpc/cpm)

Ad Format: In-Display

YouTube Ad Format - In-Display

  • Image from official YouTube ads page – this method of targeting suggests a advertised video to user the top right hand side of “suggested / recommended” videos during a playing video
  • This type of targeting is good to use in conjunction with in-search ads to entice the user to click after they have selected an organic video
  • Extremely good to target users who never leave the watch page and navigate through similar, suggested or featured videos


Ad Format: In-Stream

YouTube Ad Format - In-Stream

  • User can chose to skip video after 5 seconds – research shows allowing a user to skip (or be ‘not interested’) substantially reduces the negative impact of online advertising without sacrificing the value of such advertisements to advertisers.
  • This suites ads between 30-40 seconds in length as it plays just before video is played
  • Only ad format that allows companion banner ads (encourage click to website) on top right hand side of watched video
  • This image is from the official YouTube ads page and displays a custom gadget (brand channel) as opposed to just a companion banner – if you can get a brand channel for your client you are probably an amazing agency with huge clients.
  • Need to give user a reason to continue to watch in the first unskippable 5 seconds


Define: Call To Action Overlay


  • When users click on the overlay, they are directed to your
  • external website as specified in the overlay’s destination
  • URL. There is no additional charge for this feature.

Define: Branding (Viral Target)

Define Brand

Manual Placement Targeting

  • Don’t just blind target demographics, keywords, topics or demographics – find the next big viral video and dedicate ads to that placement
  • Use trend map tool to find the most viewed and shared videos in South Africa according to demographics (i.e. age & sex)
  • Stay ahead of the curve and research South Africa – which videos perform best by views or number of online shares
  • Know what south africa is watching right and rely on other targeted campaign for direct response traffic, placement targeting for branding


Define: Targeting Options

  • InSearch: Keywords only
  • Keywords = For search OR content keywords for GDN
  • GDN – Content keywords for indisplay/stream
  • InDisplay: Topics, Interests, Keywords
  • InStream: Topics, Interests, Keywords
  • Demographics = Usual
  • Topic = The category of the video uploaded selected
  • Interest = Sites/videos watched historically and can include Affinity Categories
  • Remarketing = To people who watched video, subscribed to channel or new similar audiences


Define: Affinity Targeting

When to use “affinity categories“ Your goal is to reach as many people as possible and drive awareness of your dealership, so that when people need to buy a new car or have their car serviced, your business comes to mind. You’re probably running ads on local TV stations and want to complement this campaign with an online campaign to expand your reach. With affinity categories, you could go beyond car enthusiasts, and reach “green living enthusiasts” with ads about hybrid cars, “bargain hunters” with ads about a big sale coming up, and “luxury shoppers” with ads about high-end cars.

Define: YT Remarketing

  • After video ad has engaged users you can remarket via Google Display (inc. mobile and tablet ads) to maintain brand presence and increase likelihood of user visiting site (CPC)
  • Dedicated remarketing list for subscribed users
  • If we see an interesting brand more frequently – does it increase the likelihood of us carrying out the call to action? (success stories say it does)

Define: Cost Per View

  • Charged if user watches at least 30 seconds (or full length of ad if shorter) [engaged view]
  • On average around 14% of the ZA YouTube audience fall into the category of engaged view
  • Trueview = if a user goes to website but does not meet criteria for engaged view (30 seconds) there is no cost
  • Check my YouTube Costs Checker to see when you will be charged for your Video Ad

Define: Data & Analysis

Define & Analyse

Engagement Ads

Learn more about an amazing development in Google Display campaigns using your YouTube ad – perfect to use when trying to understand who hovered over an ad but did not click – the lightbox ads will require special permissions so maybe learn about them but only try get access when you have a large client – I will do a full post about these ads at a later stage: Create Engagement Campaign – How To Check Free Click Data –

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