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By November 4, 2013Business Ideas

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At first I was amazed by the number of calls I got from recruiters with the best PPC job in the world and then I figured out 90%+ recruiters who cold call say the same thing.

The Pitch:

“Hi, my name is X and I am calling from X and I just saw your CV online – are you still looking for work?”

“Excellent – what kind of salary are you looking for?”

“My client is a leading digital agency in the UK – they work with the worlds leading brands – where are you working right now and what do you do?”

a) Your cold calling me.

b) I thought you had read my CV.

c) You sound like 99% of recruiters that call me week in – week out.

Common Recruiter Tricks

“Have you had any interviews, if so – where?” – This is the information they need to find a new client looking for candidates.

“Oh! I know them, who was your interview with?” – This is the person they will ask for when they cold call the guys you had interview with.

“Excellent, come register with us at stupid o clock on stupid date”– They will take ownership of your CV and use it to close new deals for themselves.

“I will send your CV off today and let you know if I hear back from them” – They never had a job, you were actually speaking to the recruitment consultants bitch – this role is just to find good CV’s (kpi of X per day) and add them to the recruitment firms database – they can then boast “one million candidates on our database” at your expense.

“Do you know anyone else looking for a job” – Cheeky recruiters who try source better opportunities then you via your colleagues.

“is the place you work for recruiting?” –  Help your current employer replace you.

  1. Ask recruiter which company they are recruiting for
  2. Tell the recruiter you have to go before they start pitching you a dream
  3. Approach the company from step.1 direct because you missed recruiters call backs

Online Recruitment Portal

At the moment online job boards allow users to upload a CV – some allow pictures, videos and social linking. Recruiters need a helping hand – a generic competence based assessment to make their sales life easier.

This website idea might be the next big thing after someone finds this and steals it.

  • User uploads CV and current role.
  • Pick from example campaign specs for industry specifics that may be of a recruiters interest
  • User either writes a proposal or builds the first campaign.
  • User uploads word document or .csv file.  Each file gets automated score evaluating quality.
  • Charge Digital Agencies to browse through CVs – proposals – campaign build internal scores.
  • Never allow user to see internal paid data (scores)

This portal now removes the need for interaction before interview and tests PPC candidates ability before the first phone call. This could potentially help discover leading PPC talent before the person with the talent is even aware of it – increase higher quality employees.

The whole portal will be 100% more efficient then hiring recruiters and most digital agencies should, and can have enough time to browse through proposals and example builds alongside a CV to evaluate potential job fit.