Pay per Click PPC Calculator

By November 26, 2013AdWords, Calculator

PPC Calculator Instructions (Adjust Green Fields)

  • Enter investment & sale value – select a management fee option if you have one.
  • Enter number of days to advertise, a max CPC bid and expected click-through-rate
  • Enter a conversion rate after checking the clicks/impressions per day calculation
  • Adjust the number of sales or profit per sale to understand your potential in more details


What This PPC Calculator Does

This PPC Calculator uses basic maths to work out how many impressions and conversions you might get from a campaign. Still trying to improve it and make it better over time. My calculators do get copied but you can ask me to help you design a ppc calculator if you really want one for your site – it’s easy.

Forecast Potential:

  • Daily Spend
  • Clicks Per Day
  • Impressions Per Day
  • Total Conversions
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Total Potential Sale Value Revenue
  • Revenue Minus Investment

Hopefully I can improve the look and functionality of this – that’s if I ever treat myself to learning css coding e.t.c.

AdWords – Return On Investment

Generating leads and sales online is obviously far more complicated then this calculator can compute – you would need to install some form of conversion tracking and know how to improve conversion rates to achieve a true AdWords result

Let me know if the calculations are wrong or if you would like to see something else included.