PPC Agency Ideas

By November 26, 2013AdWords Tips

PPC Agency Ideas

For the record I don’t think I will ever open a business that matches the description of current PPC Agencies – I would rather invest in getting other agencies to build me a PPC campaign (paid) to confirm my opinion – all agencies a reasonably good at what they do and each one is sightly different to another. Some have a “no fuss here’s the price” approach, other sites sell a dream My preference is towards controlled data. Using the rules of logical deductiveism (Falsifiability) and applying the philosophical position of cause-effect to keywords and text within ads (and any other feature). Having an objective approach to AdWords in my opinion gives back statistically accurate data that can be understood at various levels – return on investment being just one of them.

After Efforts In Being Found Have Worked

Smart buyer visits your site on your site who does not care about the fluffy stuff (“top of Google…”). Buyer does not care about your business until they find what they are looking for – maybe just seen loads of agency sites and still looking for “the one that stands out” Users eyes are like tiny camera’s that zoom in and out. So first step is to show birds-eye view of what you can do for them (infographics are a popular option) – a simple cycle, an easy to understand “snapshot” of what you actually do:   My cycle diagram is rather badly designed.

Clear Message –  Tell Customers What They Get & How

Example: We don’t focus on the amount you spend – you monitor the amount you make and we measure how we made it and then refine targeting to multiply your R.O.I. Marketing commitments can be quite stress full for SME’s who might not really understand how easy AdWords can actually be for them. This birds-eye view/snapshot approach (which is probably used by loads of agencies) is one method of communicating what you can do in just a few seconds. Every other method is talking in their language, in marketing this is usually about leads, sales and conversions (money).

Give Clients Something Extra Or Reason To Contact You

Example: We find and identify who your customers are online and let you take care of turning your initial sales into more sales. Example: Contact us now and a specialist will check your current PPC campaign for potential profitability for free Rehearse Main Message: We don’t just get sales online, we measure how we achieved those returns and use PPC research to get even more.

Engage – Create The Current Problem

  • Are you being found on the search engines customers go to find you?
  • Are you on the social sites your clients network on?
  • Are you taking advantage of on-demand video commercials online?
  • Are you worried your competitors have already taken your online slot?
  • Are you aware of advertising on most online newspapers, magazines and directories?


Engage – Reach for A Reaction

Your office and store is currently open for business offline:

  • So where are you online?
  • Do you let your clients and customers to go find your competitors online?
  • Do you prefer to stay invisible online and then retire?
  • Have your profits decreased because you’re nowhere to be seen by modern clients?
  • Did you know businesses would not spend money on PPC if it did not work?


Engage – Create A Need For Your Solutions

  • How did someone find your website?
  • Why did they leave without contacting you?
  • What time of the day did someone visit your website?
  • How many people saw your advert but did not come to your website at all?
  • What did that potential client of yours type into search before coming to your site?


Close – Sell Your Solution

Example: We open up your brand to the online world giving you a voice on multiple social media platforms, blogs and You Tube for the more connected brand. Marketing investment is spent on marketing and there is no charge for or those who see your ad and do not visit your site. Each person arriving to your site is statistically analysed and this data is used to optimize your marketing spend. This streamlined service ensures you are always in the loop with what we do and how we do it. Contact me if you need help turning another type of service into a commincated message. This identify problem – get reaction – give solution approach should in theory work and I have never tried it.