Google AdWords Analysis Reports

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AdWords Analysis – How To Interpret Stats

Always monitor and analyse the basic key performance indicators (KPI’s) and know how to measure AdWords R.O.I

Number Of Clicks


Ad Rank


Quality Score

Number Of Conversions

Know When Reports Will Be Ready


When your data for Tuesday will be ready if you’re in San Francisco (PST).

When your data for Tuesday will be ready if you’re in London (GMT).

When your data for Tuesday will be ready if you’re in Tokyo (JST).

Most metrics, including: clicks, impressions, and conversions

3 a.m. Wed.

3 a.m. Wed.

3 a.m. Wed.

Auction insights

10 a.m. Wed.

8 p.m. Wed.

4 a.m. Thurs.

Impression share

1 p.m. Wed.

11 p.m. Wed.

7 a.m. Thurs.

Automatic placements, age and gender, geographic, Search terms, Top movers, and Destination URL reports

6 p.m. Wed.

2 a.m. Thurs.

10 a.m. Thurs.

Quality Score

From 1-10 makes it easier and cheaper for your keyword to compete with competitors

Based on variables such as CTR, Display URL Historical Performance, Account History, Ad and Webpage Relevance & More

Different quality scores for different devices -look at all stats independently

Need to ensure quality score is always increasing or maintained


Search Terms Report

Search terms are the words users typed before triggering your keyword

Searches that don’t meet minimum criteria (searched by significant number of people) will not be shown

Terms found in modified ad group with more than 20 impressions should be moved to dedicated ad groups

Continually learn how users ‘type of match’ triggered keywords, always look for negatives


Keyword Search Terms Match Type

This report will show you how users triggered your ad: broad, phrase or exact

After gaining some understanding of the actual search terms this is the next best report to examine

The goal is to study the difference between basic kpi’s and move as many keywords as possible to exact match (without losing conversions)


Top vs. Other

This segmentation allows you to compare how keywords or text ad performed on Google and search partners

The comparison is studying the difference in basic kpi performance when above organic results versus other (right) sides

Your idea of ‘best spot’ might be the best converting or the highest CTR – maintain that position



This report outlines performance between mobiles, tablets and PCs

Users are known to research a service, company or purchase on mobile devices before converting on PCs

QS for mobiles separate to other devices so it is in your interest to accelerate bids (enhanced) on mobiles IF your PC bid is not giving you similar results on mobile devices


Geographic Performance

Geo performance effects quality score so you could be getting more affordable clicks in specific localities in comparison to others

If you gain a higher ad rank in one location, this may lead to more conversions then another.

You can use enhanced features to increase bids for low performing areas or block any area that is not serviceable/needed


Time – By Hour

The ad rank stat when looking at keywords may show an average position of 3.5, what is the .5?

This report will make busy periods obvious (impressions) and will also show you drops in position (normally lunch hours) which means you lost the top of page auction

You may see your ads go to position one in the evening or night when competitors budgets are exhausted (could now schedule ads)

Use the new enhanced features to accelerate your bid during busy or competitive hours


Auction Insights

This report will show you how you measure up against competitors


Top Movers Report

Found in dimensions tab allows comparison of data over time

Automatically see changes in bid, CTR, Rank between specified date ranges

This one good way to monitor progress on your growing adwords campaign