Gmail Conversation Targeting

By November 23, 2013AdWords Tips, Business Ideas

Gmail Conversation Targeting & Business Tip

Trucks South Africa

I was working on a up-sell opportunity and needed to describe gmail inbox targeting – mailed myself the words “trucks south africa” and boom I see ads trying to sell me a truck instantly – maybe not in South Africa but still ads – such a great sales tool!

Ask clients to mail themselves there company type like I did – or mailshot an informative task;

Dear Client,

Have you ever thought about targeting potential customers before they have even begun to search for your products. Research shows the more a user sees your brand online, the more they like you. Slightly like seeing the same strangers face every morning, or a new employee – the feeling of knowing someone.

If you use Gmail, send yourself a message with your company and area, for example we would type “Marketing Company Leeds” – or mail a friend and ask them to send you a snapshot of their screen. See below for how we targeted our own business name to prevent our competitors from showing our potential customers their brand name before the same customer had even got to the stage of Google Search

Contact us with a small keyword list for a quote on how we can get you put you at the start of your customers buying cycle or methods to protect your brand like we did.


If anyone ever tries this and gets a result (with my amazing idea) –  handling a response is easy. Create a manual placement campaign and aim your ads to the funbox at the top and gmail in general like below: (General),Top center (fun box)