Clients, managers and colleagues occasionally let me know what they thought of my work. Have a read through anonymised but otherwise unedited feedback.

If we’ve worked together in the past, you are welcome to add me on LinkedIn and contribute to the below.

Google Support: Ops Manager

After being Imrans Operation Manager for 3 years I feel qualified to say what a pleasure he is to work with. He is loyal, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about the Digital Marketing arena, which he demonstrated by;

a) Growing his skills in Sales and AdWords Business development in the direct UK sales team
b) Taking this skill to the next level by volunteering to work in the start up South African AdWords team where he grew a formidable digital following and achieved moderator status on the AdWords South Africa community
c) Helped South African Marketing Agencies grow their business through education and motivation, with a number of the Agencies doubling in size to support all of the extra clients they won
d) Finally being promoted to department product specialist trainer, where he not only put in the most structured training plan the department had ever seen, but also developed a way to track training results and trainee satisfaction which was adopted globally by Google

Anyone utilising Imrans experience will only achieve great results through his wealth of knowledge, experience, integrity and professionalism. I certainly look forward to our paths crossing again in the future

Digital Agency: Multiple Large Campaigns

Now that I have been actively involved in regular discussions with you for some 6 months it is time for me to convey my thanks and the thanks of [agency] for your outstanding assistance and advice par excellence.

You efficiency in attending to all our requests is much appreciated.

In particular your direction in setting up and assistance in optimising our new PPC accounts has been invaluable.

I note specifically inter-alia:

  • client
    a top brand name in its vertical which has moved to x per month spend. In time this will be an x –x per month account.
  • client
    a major brand in the SPA industry here – with your assistance we’ll see this account build to an x spend per month.
  • The
    Group again capable in time of major spend.

There are many more accounts too numerous to mention in this brief “THANK YOU” where over the past several months your assistance has been invaluable.

You are a true credit to Google.

Client: Workshops For Schools

Imran was tasked with improving my website. He has helped immensely with other aspects such as SEO as well as co-coordinating the re-design of the entire website. Taking on a large task from a demanding client and completing it in superb time to a very high specification. Thank you

Google Support: Remote Manager

Your commitment to Google and dedication to assisting Agencies at any given moment makes you an outstanding person to work with.

Your loyalty to agencies and to our team will always amaze me.

Your thorough support from Google Engage to Google Partners and knowing I can always rely on you to answer queries, assist with moderation, community involvement, lead generation and knowledge will take you very far in the future.

You can always use me as a reference

You are a fantastic colleague and I am lucky to have had the pleasure of working with you.

Google Support: Trainee

I would just like to say your training was extremely useful and valuable to me, I have now started to implement some of your methods within my agency portfolio – I have now started to really understand the trends and insights for my clients, prior to this it was a case of downloading a report and sending this to my Agency whereas now I will analyse the reports understand the data and send this to my agency explaining the reports in detail.

I honestly believe this would not have been possible without your enthusiasm and “value your client” approach.

I would like to be involved in more insightful training sessions with yourself as I believe this is the key to not only improving performance but also makes my role a lot more interesting and exciting.

Thanks Imran – Keep up the Good Work!!

Google Support: Team

I have known Imran for getting on two years now, and through that time he has been a massive help to my career development in the paid search business.

I came to this industry with little prior knowledge, and thankfully I had the chance to work with Imran early on.

It was clear from the off that Imran is a guy who knows his onions when it comes to PPC marketing. From the basics, to more advanced and nuanced adwords techniques, he is always willing to help and offer and new and insightful ways to look at the problem and suggest solutions.

Having left the company I worked at with Imran, I still contact him weekly for help and advice. He is a student of PPC marketing, and always up to date with the latest developments in PPC. This constant thirst for knowledge always puts him ahead of the curve when it comes to creating and implementing marketing campaigns, and, most importantly, ensuring the client achieves (often surpasses!) their ROI expectations.

Any client would benefit hugely from his input, and I’m positive they would see a surge in results with his knowledge being applied to their marketing campaigns.

Google Support: Team

I would like to express my appreciation of Imran Sadiq for the remarkable support he has offered the Google South Africa team. Since inception, Imran has helped shape the South African market landscape through true dedication to his clients – both big and small – and created a foundation we now consider standard.

Imran’s knowledgeable contributions and strategies have led to the significant growth of an unknown market, so I thus have little doubt whatever arena he steps into next will experience the same development.

I wish Imran all the best for the future.

Google Support: Team

I’m in a good mood, a recent account we worked on together has exceeded expectations by 32%. How do I show my appreciation to you? How about a rare email of respect.

As you know, I started with basic knowledge of Google AdWords. I’d tried it for my old business, so I knew the basics and I knew how to sell. How hard can it be?

So I’ll create a campaign…

  • 1 AdGroup,
  • 1 AdText,
  • 10 Million broad match keywords
  • £1 a day,
  • Targeting the World

So why aren’t I getting any conversions?!

From day one I clicked with Imran and struck up a close friendship. Without his time, effort and knowledge I would have not been promoted to position of South Africa Agency Strategist within 6 months.

Imran’s advice and knowledge is second to none. He is the first and last person I go to for problems and advice. Much to his detriment, I’m sure.

Search Funnels, Chasing Conversions, Mixed Match Setup, Segmentation, Analysis, Review Process, Goal Achievement, LPQ, Quality Score, Mobile App Advertising, Layered AdGroups, Video Ad’s, Overlays, A/B Split Testing… need I go on?

Atleast I taught him about WordPress and Google Analytics, that mean’s something? right? haha.

Honestly, I woudn’t be where I am today without you, Imran. For this, I am eternally grateful and I will make it my mission to sabotage any potential job interview you have, because if you work for a ‘real’ agency, that mean’s that X will lose their best employee, I will lose my secret weapon and above all I don’t need the stress of trying to be the new Imran. They are big boots to fill.

Digital Agency: The Conference Call

My name is X, I run a small agency in George South Africa called X. I’ve been working closely with Imran for almost 3 months now and I can say with his help he has radically helped me improve my performance with AdWords. This has in turn helped my clients CTR skyrocket.

Last week I came to Imran with a client who is doing spiritual depression improvement retreats here in George and he wasn’t converting. This was giving my client a headache as although he was getting plenty of clicks, he hadn’t received one phone call or email from anyone. He wasn’t sure how to move forward without any clients and was strongly considering to drop AdWords altogether. Imran came to the rescue and suggested a conference call on the phone to see if we can save this client. During the phone call this morning, Imran explained to Colin in more detail about how AdWords works and that strategy is everything, and for him to start converting we need to seriously change our strategy regarding how the website presents itself.

After the conference I spoke to the client and he was extremely relieved and turned around his opinion about AdWords. Imran helped me save a client and I would recommend him to any agency that needs a hand.

Digital Agency: Boost AdWords Client Base

Thank you so much for the call today. Its always a pleasure and great to speak to you + learning from you. Thank you for also keeping X in your radar – it can only be a miracle that allows us to remain in your portfolio.

Your suggestions about getting clients really did something to me personally Imran. The pitch that you gave me was excellent and I actually was able to get an appointment with a company that sells skin care treatment for tomorrow at X, 3 set times for a call next week Monday and I must admit getting on the phone was much easier than before. I will write down the cold call script and send it to you for approval.

I am so happy and motivated as that is exactly what I was battling with – closing appointments and making the sale.

Thank you so much and may everything you do prosper this year – for you are such a great man, with a big heart for the little guys (who will be big tomorrow because of you).

Digital Agency: Organic vs. Paid Testing

I would just like to say a very big thank you to Imran Sadiq for all his help, guidance and support this year.

It is really comforting to know I can call on him when things just don’t work correctly and know he will explain, teach and recommend how to fix the problems.

I have been going through all my clients campaigns that were declining in performance and decided to take 10 hours to go and tweak them, using the information and advice he gave me over the past year, I decided to experiment on a very small campaign using a daily spend of 15 ZAR (0.915 British Pounds). I had correctly optimised the website so that it was sitting at #1 on Organic search (I did no use any SEO tricks, that everyone is selling nowadays, just common sense and the outlines in the Google documentation) , but the Adwords ads were coming in at positions 3 or 4 – This really irritated me as the unpaid search was outperforming the paid ads! I spend over 10 hours going through his emails and a ton of information and videos on the AdWords help website and tweaked it so now I am #1 on Organic search AND Adwords ad position. I could not have done this without him.

I would also like to say thanks to him for recommending and pushing me to join up with Engage / Partners, I will be studying and writing my AdWords exams in December.

Digital Agency: Start-Up Support

I want to say thank you to Google Add words and to Imran

His services is the best I have had from Google in a long time – had issue before with add words but with Imran and his great support we have manage to create what I think a very successful campaign.

Let me give you the bigger picture and what Imran did for me.

I contacted him some time ago for add words for a company I worked for, he helped me to set it up and took me through the steps.

Due to company issues I left and started my own small home based web design company.

I had a very small budget of only R 250.00 for marketing and decided to contact Imran and look at option.

He took me by the hand and showed me the ropes and he is still guiding me, and enabled me with the knowhow, how to do my own adwords campaigns.

So we started an campaign for ANON with A BUDGET R 200.00

Well you won’t believe me if I tell you what happened.

The first week I had no mails so with after reading and studding the material Imran send me I made some changes and with his setup I have up-to-date with only 8 click’s I have received paid (confirmed clients) to the number of 4 clients.

This has enabled me to cover all my first months cost for my new business and I am staring to put money aside for my campaign in January.

With almost no funds I was forced to start the business and not being employed in this time off the year this was a very nervous time for me, but with the support of Imran I have mange to recover and setup a client base within 4 weeks and my small business can now survive till January.

I have also got 4 clients for adwords, I am so happy with the results and support that I am using my results as an example to my clients.

Google an Imran have taken a new business and have really put it on the map.

Digital Agency: Mentoring

As a new agency, I was assigned to work with Imran Sadiq.

Right from the word go, Imran jumped in with assisting and teaching me more about AdWords and how to manage my clients more efficiently. His advice is logical and practical, and he always takes policies and guidelines into consideration to ensure we are operating in line with Google’s standards. It is rare to find someone so clued up and knowledgeable about their industry, and there is not a question I have asked that he has been unable to answer. He knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to AdWords, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others with the goal of assisting them in expanding and improving their business. His methods and advice have changed the way I work with AdWords to a large extent, and I have learnt a huge amount in a very short space of time with Imran.

I have never met someone that goes the extra mile like Imran. He assists with anything and everything to do with AdWords. He has proven this time and time again by assisting me with meeting last minute deadlines, advice on handling difficult clients, as well as working a great deal of overtime on his own accord. He also goes above and beyond his job description in other aspects, assisting with other avenues of business that I have been stuck with (For example, advice on invoicing, website design and quotation calculators that he took on as personal tasks with the view of assisting me). Imran happily goes above and beyond, and never expects anything in return. His motives are unselfish. This is rare to find in our day and age, and he possesses qualities that set him apart from the majority of people today. He really has passion for his job and for helping people and agencies be their best. This never fails to both surprise and impress me.

All in all, I am very grateful to have been assigned to work with Imran. I both know and feel that I have been assigned to the best Google support manager. Imran has really has helped me turn my business as an AdWords consultant, and has taught me so much – more reason to be forever grateful.

I will always appreciate his help, logic, good attitude, kind heart, passion for his job, as well as his technical advice.

I would also suggest Google ensures they do what it takes to keep him on the team. You have a real master on your hands.

Digital Agency: New Brand

Thank you for the excellent work you have carried out for [agency] the past 2 months and, in particular, your contributions to content creation in selected Google Products/Offers our search marketing agency can offer our clients. Having been the first time I had embarked on such a project, it was critical to get all the elements right, and ‘hats off’ we, and particularly you, certainly did!

From the outset, your commitment to our brand displayed great professionalism and clarity and this continued through your work with me on past projects on Search Marketing Campaign Builds & Optimization of design, planning, and implementation of the campaigns itself. It is an absolute pleasure to work closely with you on this project and I without any doubt outcoms will be truly remarkable and very satisfactory for all concerned.

The comprehensive and excellent quality of the final drafts presented as follows:

  • In particular exceeded all our expectations and ensured the website service list content result is clearly understood and accepted for both the brand and the user.
  • Your suggestion in the kind of approach in what we offer our clients, will achieve far more than my original objectives set, and has given [agency] a wonderful tool/road map for the future
  • Many of the concerns identified (critical and not so critical) have been quickly implemented by both parties and the entire process shall be continually measured on a monthly basis

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you for a project truly well done and credit goes to the level of service and commitment that exceeded any expectations.

We certainly look forward to working with you in the future and have no objection to you using us as a reference to prospective organizations if required.

Digital Agency: AdWords Only Supplier

I am living, eating and sleeping Google Adwords for the past 5 years. Today I make a living out of Google Adwords. At first it was a lonely experience as I didn’t know how to go about it as there wasn’t any good support here in South Africa. I had to learn the hard way…Until Imran came along.

A lot of people would say of someone …”he is brilliant!”. I can’t say that of Imran, as “brilliant” is a big word that means nothing if you don’t elaborate on it. Imran’s brilliance lies in the way how he treated me on the phone…the promptness in answering an email – the compassion when he heard of my mother’s death.

His knowledge on Google Adwords is astonishing – I would work for an hour or more on setting up a campaign, and within seconds he can pinpoint mistakes and things I forgot to do. There is not a question about AdWords that he cannot answer satisfactory. But his knowledge doesn’t end there – his knowledge is beyond Google AdWords – he’s knowledge lies in knowing people, and more important – to motivate people. When I’ve setup a good campaign, Imran acknowledge it and isn’t shy to praise- he is also strict and straight to the point when explaining anything.

I must say – most of all – his reliability. You can have the best and most knowledgeable person on your side – but if you can’t rely on him when you really need him – it doesn’t help. With Imran this is different – there wasn’t a single time since he became my contact person in Google that he let me down.

In conclusion – Imran is to me not someone within Google that I can go to for answers to problems, or for more information on new products – no, he is much more than that – he is someone I can look up to – my mentor – and someone with a passion for Google Adwords – and also someone with a passion for his agents.

Digital Agency: Remote Training

Imran Sadiq my account executive and now good friend, has gone beyond the call of duty and helped me not only to grow my clients’ business’ but mine as well.

Imran is always free to offer his expertise, even when he really isn’t free, he will always make time for his agents. With his friendly welcoming tone always, I wonder if he ever gets stressed out or angry.

His teaching skills are impeccable and his easy going way of explaining technical terms makes it so much more understandable.

He has educated me beyond my immediate comprehension as to the workings of PPC advertising and shown me the true value of Google Adwords.

This knowledge I can now impart to my clients and so they become even greater believers of the advantages of Google Adwords and what it can do for their business.

It is because of Imran that I am more confident when I pitch a Google Adwords campaign to a client as he has assisted me to present with the perfect ammunition, how to pitch and present therefore sealing the deal.

His definitely added value to my business and to my clients business’ and therefore I hope that he would be promoted to come and head the Google team in South Africa. There is no other person I’d want to work with except for Imran.

Google UK is definitely blessed to have him and my clients and I are so greatful as he does wonders for us.

Truly without Imran’s expertise as well as great teaching skills, my experience and success with Google Adwords would not be growing so rapidly. He encourages me to be the best agent I can be.

A true motivator as I hear the enthusiasm and passion when he is talking about the benefits of Adwords or teaching me something about Adwords.

So keep it up Imran, we all need you!

Digital Agency: Remote Training

Hope you are well this fine eve!

I just want to take the time to say thank you for the time you invest with [agency rep]. WOW she is doing so well on our clients campaigns, I can see drastic improvement in results and I get fantastic complements form our clients. since you started working with her she’s come a long way. [Agency rep] and I make a great team, we each bring to the party what we good at and it works very well!

So again thank you for your time. Its much appreciated!!

Digital Agency: Overall AdWords Support

I just wanted to thank you in return for assisting and guiding me in my projects in creating accounts that have become an absolute huge success in my work production. Excellent job – we are also pleased with the great turnaround! Not to mention our customers’ feedback, they are even more pleased. Thanks again for the excellent work… Our clients have been giving [agency] nothing but glowing compliments on how fast and efficient we have delivered our promised services as an Online Agency and I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to have you as my Mentor.

Wishing you and the team a fantastic evening ahead.

Digital Agency: The Agency World

Since joining the agency world and having the assistance of Imran Sadiq, our business has gone from strength to strength.

Imrans knowledge of campaign structure, QS and ad relevance has helped us build better campaigns from the word go. His campaigns are built in such a way that they are also far easier to manage and optimise for our clients.

Imrans response time to queries is world class and in some instances he has even made himself available for questions outside of his own business hours.

Imran continues to show keen interests in all of the campaigns he has helped us with and has been key in nudging us in the right direction when selecting which markets and industries to target.

All in all Imrans service to our company is invaluable and we look forward to building many more new campaigns with his help in the future.

Digital Agency: Adwords Coaching

I am writing this email in regards to Imran Sadiq who I have been fortunate enough to be working with over the last year.

I can only sing the utmost praise for Imran, he is someone that goes well behind ‘call of duty’.

I have learned a lot over the last year from Imran, and he has always been gracious and patient with my sometimes “silly questions”. I also find his monthly emails very informative, whereby he points us to the latest developments and tools in the ever changing world of Adwords.

I truly believe that my growth in my company over the last year would not have been so good without Imran in the [agency] corner.

If you have any questions regarding my testimonial please feel free to contact me

Digital Agency: Overall AdWords Support

I’ve been working a year with Imran Sadiq if it is not longer and have learned allot form him. I can now create new quality campaign allot quicker than before. He manages to save me time and made my life so much easier. If I have any questions he is always there to assist never told me later or no. I won’t ask for anyone else to be my Google Support Manager. Thanks

Digital Agency: Overall AdWords Support

Let me start by saying that I take great pleasure in writing this recombination for Imran.

I have been working with him for about a year and I have been more than happy with his knowledge, can-do attitude and patience. The campaigns he creates are professional, thorough and well thought out. I have also learned a lot about Adwords, because he takes the time to walk you through the campaign he creates before we go live.

In my opinion Imran is an irreplaceable asset, not just to [agency], but also the Google Adwords team.

Digital Agency: Overall AdWords Support

I wanted to put the following to your attention concerning Imran Sadiq:

Imran has made such a major impact on myself and the company [agency] I work for, there is no words to describe his dedication, knowledge, skills and overall friendly manner he deals with every request I or we put forward to him.

Imran has worked over weekends even to ensure new campaigns get built when our clients have deadlines for new accounts. No other Google employee has ever done so much or gone the extra miles as Imran has.

And I have dealt with a few, so trust me when I say he is exceptional and a very important link Google should always look after and make sure they never loose.

Digital Agency: Campaign Build

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your wonderful support and patience, it’s incredible. It’s always a great learning experience dealing with you and the knowledge you impart on building and optimizing AdWords campaigns has been of great help and has helped improve the quality of campaigns that i build. Thank you for the amazing campaigns you build as well! You made learning AdWords a very pleasurable experience

Digital Agency: Campaign Builds & Coaching

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all your help and support over the last year. My team and I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

The hard work and dedication you’ve put in to our campaigns has really made a difference to the quality of our accounts. Furthermore you have supplied invaluable insight and training to my staff.

You are always more than willing to go the extra distance and you often do.

Digital Agency: Overall AdWords Feedback

Thank you so much for the service that you have provided.

Your support has not gone unnoticed and has made a large impact on our PPC department.

In fact, [agency] higher management has had a great deal of challenges in past when dealing with Google. Due to your exceptional support and genuine interest in improving the services of agencies to their clients, I would appreciate it if you could relay this message to your superiors.

We can’t express enough gratitude for the changes you have brought to our department. You have not only improved our campaign quality, but also provided us with fantastic training. This has rippled into a renewed desire to constantly strive to exceed our client’s expectations and sharpen our skills as professionals within the digital marketing environment.

Thank you for your constant communication and quick response time; you’ve become our preferred point of contact.

You truly are an asset to the agency world.

Digital Agency: Campaign Builds & Coaching

You’re flippen amazing!!!!

Great job, I am ecstatic about your service- you’re a genuine asset to the company.

Thank you for your efforts and constant communication. I also appreciate the way you make it easy for me as an AdWords Professional to be at ease and ask any questions I may have in order to constantly improve Google AdWords campaign performance results. You are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Digital Agency: Campaign Builds & Coaching

I hope that you are well.

It is very rare to have received the level of service, professionalism and patient help we received from you, when dealing with any multi-national corporation. You have made our experience in dealing with Google a pleasure, so thanks very much – and these are just some of the reasons I am sending this email (usually people just send complaints and never say thanks)!

I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share ideas and thoughts. I hope the campaign you assisted with will be huge success and only the start of our client investing in Adwords (and of this I have little doubt). As discussed we have another client coming onboard with Adwords and display ads in the next month, as well as another potential – so, I look forward to working with you again.

I hope that your manager is aware of your great service levels, patience with clients, professionalism and enthusiasm!!

Advertiser: Campaign Strategy

Thank you so much for your help this afternoon.

As a new user to Adwords your advice and assistance was immensely helpful. I really appreciate the time and attention to detail you provided to a “novice”. It was so refreshing to call and connect to someone who was not only interested, but also well informed and willing to listen to our particular company profile.

Yes please, keep in touch. As mentioned, we anticipate launching our new build property site mid to late January, which might be the time to review the results of our initial campaign and discuss further enhancements.

Advertiser: My First Ever AdWords Feedback!

Good to speak to you just now. I would like to thank you again for your help with setting up my adwords account and making sure it is running at its best. It is a fantastic service that google offers made even better by yourself being so knowledgeable and helpful.

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