Digital Ghost Management – Marketing Investment Insurance

By March 23, 2014Blog, Business Ideas

Digital Ghost Management – Marketing Investment Insurance

Over the past few years nothing has alarmed me more than the quality of campaigns being pushed into the pay per click industry.

Twitter ads are growing, Facebook is soon to release their answer to Youtube In-Stream success whilst Bing play with the psychology of Scroogled users worldwide. The pay per click industry is growing in complexity and options and soon – guys like me will not tolerate marketing providers who think they can continue to get away with wasting investment.

Chancers, amateurs, fakers and the skilled have equally destroyed the profitability of businesses and credibility of fully working online marketing platforms. I know most digital agencies who have the knowhow and care to ensure best utilization of an advertisers investment.

Businesses lack of understanding when it comes to web design, marketing, search, display, social needs to be addressed at some point. Hiring an anonymous expert might be one solution to address what exactly are some advertisers really upset about?

Marketing investment insurance, being able to hold a agency liable for bad work and enforcing strong contracts to prevent any future disagreements . A digital ghost is what it says – someone who can not been seen but knows how ppc works.

What UK Regulations Prevent:

  • False promises
  • False guarantees
  • False reporting
  • False certifications
  • False contracts

What Can Ghosts Do About It:

  • Use the law to demand refunds impose CCJ’s on companies
  • Communicate with providers to snatch accounts
  • Use the worldwide web to expose agencies
  • Or maybe not – advertisers could have robust strategies generating insightful market data and just need a hand in taking their campaign to the next level or reassurance for your own peace of mind.

How Does A Pay Per Click Ghost Work

  • Independent and unbiased
  • Not a marketing agency
  • Like insurance against your investment
  • Assist you with contractual disputes
  • Spots errors and lack of care on campaign

In short you would make a request for the ghost to help. Explain what kind of information was provided to the third-part advertising agent and then gain access to the campaign.

Once the digital ghost has gained assurance the third party advertiser does not know of ghost involvement, they will access your campaign and scrutinize it – find breaches in contract (if any) or generate good evidence to prove the campaign has been managed/structured well. A brief report is then generated for you to keep.

Marketing agencies will at some point in the future be very wary of ghost involvement (as such service grows in popularity and probably copied by other people) – one distinguishing feature of a ghost would be to work with you without being under the umbrella of an agency – this will ensure a un-biased approach.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about insurance against your investment (or becoming a digital ghost) and I will be in touch. Ghost services will only be launched after popular demand – but for now rest assured, the future of pay per click chancers will come to an end very soon especially if my idea above works.

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