Custom QR Code Creation

By March 31, 2014Blog

How A Custom QR Code Was Designed 

You might have seen my custom QR codes around the web and wandering how I did it – let me show you how difficult this was before you decide to contact me to connect you with the designer:

I first provided:

1. URL to direct the custom QR Code to.

2. My logo and design ideas.

3. Specific colours to use, i.e. I could pick Pantone or RGB.

 The Original Logo

Imran Sq 250x250

The first custom qr code kind of worked but only on a single QR code scanning app (i-Nigma for iPhone).

Imran Sq - QR Code - Draft 1

The mouth seemed to be causing an issue so it was move behind the blue dots which worked but did not make the most of quick response functionality – the code was still not multi-device.

Imran Sq - QR Code - Draft 2

A decision was made to change the quick response code back to black, I would have settled with this, a new URL including analytics was triggered but I asked for it to match the colours and add a mouth or nose.

Imran Sq - QR Code - Draft 3

Due to previous problems a last attempt was made to add a mouth.

Imran Sq - QR Code - Final 3

And then a nose – turned out a bit amazing. This is the point the code was fully functioning across all devices including Google Glass and smart watches.

Imran Sq - QR Code - Final 5



Imran Sq - QR Code - Final 1.1

The Final Design

A risk was then taken to add a mouth and change some of the colours – luckily my QR code worked.

 The code was redesigned from scratch about 5 times, it was adjusted by colour and design about 10 times. Take it from me, there is no point in trying to design a code yourself (unless you know graphics) and if you want a fully tailored design then your best bet is to contact someone who has the know how.

Scan the code above and follow my Google+ page, let me know if you want a code like mine and I will connect you with the person who put up with my constant requests to make it look and work the way I wanted – very very patient (ha!).