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By October 19, 2013AdWords Tips

Why Create AdGroups?

It is hard to understand why thousands of marketing agencies worldwide invest time in learning SEO, guessing how Google indexes results to then optimise sites accordingly – yet when told to build an AdWords campaign they shy away from doing the job properly.

Ad Groups are simply groups of keywords with dedicated ads. Like writing a dedicated ‘meta description’ or tailoring your shop front to what a customer is looking for.

Having to create adgroups to increase quality of performance is not up to you or Google – it’s up to the user. Supply on demand – give people what they are looking for to get the best results. If I search for a ‘marketing company’ I logically click on the company that offers marketing. If I search ‘AdWords Marketing’ then I will pick the company advertising AdWords over the company offering marketing alone.

Now if you searched ‘marketing company’ and saw my advert, you did not find what you were looking for and then refined your search to include ‘+AdWords marketing company’ and saw the same advert – I am still not what you are looking for. You probably trigger a psychological block towards my advert and I lose the sale. If I don’t capture your mind, I won’t capture your money.

All sales start in a buyers mind – the role of your text ad is to capture the mind. It does not matter how good you think you are, or how perfect your service is – most adverts fail because this primary avenue of contact was not motivating, it was boring. This snow balls into your products failing because buyers did not know or care about it.

Keyword Grouper In AdWords Editor

    • Download AdWords Editor
    • Open AdWords Editor and download account by clicking [File > Open > Add Account ]
    • Select the AdGroup with un-organised keywords
    • Go to [Tools > Keyword Grouper > Click Generate Common Terms]
    • After clicking [Next ] you will be able to copy existing text ad from the unorganised adgroup to the refined groups or if you would prefer to write fresh text ads click ‘no’
    • My preference is to write new ads and pick dedicated landing pages at the same time

See full instructions HERE