Timed Response (timetoreply)

By November 10, 2013Blog

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You can click send message after checking the box informing you of a review request being sent to your inbox shortly after my timed reply.

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Check this box and allow timetoreply to send a response time rating survey to the e-mail used to contact me via this form


The Set Up

Get a contact form plugin

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Get all mails sent to a special timetoreply email address


Why Measure Response Time?

Well it’s not really made for sites like mine (or at least till my thousands of visitors start coming in) – and works like this:
Regardless of how well your AdWords campaign performs – your clients could still be missing valuable opportunities. Whilst marketing guys are busy refining the relevance of their site, others are increasing latency and some have discovered the effects of colour/navigation against buyer motivation. That little timetoreply bunny on the bottom corner of my site measures a rather handy variable.

Have you ever asked your client where they are when their phone rings? So whilst their on their phone – have you ever looked into how long it is taking them to respond to on-line contact?

Businesses are scraping for incremental increases in marketing yields, close ratios, and leverage through technology, yet overlooking a gaping black hole that exists somewhere between their marketing and sales teams…. Companies don’t respond fast enough to leads – In fact, they take 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and respond to a lead. And the sales rep who does call, only makes 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moving on. – Olenski. Forbes

The lighbuld moment is when you realise, regardless of how many conversions you get for a client they could still lose that customer. The best way to measure their response time is using solutions like timetoreply – so the next time a client tells you “AdWords is not working” you can simply reply “It would work if you tried responding before it’s 53 minutes too late”

Let the guys at timetoreply know you heard of them via my site, I am sure they will arrange some extra help for you if you have a super large leads focussed client.

Take my word for it, if you fill this “gaping black hole” of lost leads – your online campaign performance will logically increase over a very short space of time with no real bulk changes or edits to site or marketing – this solution makes total logical sense.