“BizE” Business Ideas

By November 4, 2013Blog, Business Ideas

Business Ideas

Everyone is always asking me to go into business (self-employment) and open some kind of consultancy firm – I’m always like “really?”

I will list some ideas that break the rule of not needing to re-invent the wheel and stick “BizE” at the front of whatever it is 🙂

BizEcard (wireless business cards)
  • Wireless business card app using tailored design or optical character recognition
  • Card loaded with click to call features – if possible an invisible QR code
  • Flick to share BizEcard to multiple phones in conference type events
  • Card available to re-size and paste into email signature strip
  • Augmented reality – point cam in city center and see taxis with BizEcard highlighted, touch to book
  • Wireless payment – use near field communication to enable payment via mobile
  • Ability to order real card version
BizEBar (night out)
  • Map app with locations layered with heatmap to show level busy bars (or cold for quiet night)
  • Augmented reality – point app at a bar and see temperature gauge displaying current busy level
  • Instant tweets from users in bars right now
  • Allow bars to advertise and promote via app
BizEcalls (proximity based marketing)
  • Utilize the silent 3 seconds before phone calls connect
  • Use telephone towers to evaluate user location
  • Play advert from closest business to your callers and be credited on your phone balance
  • User calls you whilst walking past a fast food chain – before call connects “burgers half price now business name”
BizEfind (auto mapping)
  • Plugin for Google Maps
  • Press “go now” button on map and shortest route is mapped out
  • Link to instant messenger using current location to give live directions
  • User able to reply and say “road is blocked” to get alternate directions
  • Use plug in on all maps that list business location
BizEphone (free phone box)
  • Free VOIP international call boxes around the country
  • To make free call enter user name – adverts around the phone box and on touch screen fund the call
  • Perfect for public transport locations to ring taxis or home
BizEnotes (screenshared notes)
  • Note book app that can be screenshared with any other gadget or device
  • Perfect to access notes from phone straight onto a PC or Tablet.

I probably don’t ever action upon any of the above – but will set-up some kind of business at some point in the future.