AdWords Remarketing Tip

By November 23, 2013AdWords Tips, Blog

AdWords Remarketing – 404 Error Page

I usually try explain remarketing is a tool – not just a fancy sales tactic for proposals or smart way to increase conversions for one reason only – what do you actually do with all the users who land on your 404 error page if your website breaks?

I don’t pay for AdWords traffic to come to my site, but if I did the first users that I target with remarketing are those who come to my site and see the on my 404 error

See the link below for a full guide to setting up remarketing:

Stick a remarketing tag on your 404 page (instead of rules or alternate options) allocate a tiny budget and reach out to just those users who might not have returned to your site and providing you catch those cookies – even when your site is down you wont lose much – just design an image ad saying “site is back up and running”

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