AdWords Email Switch Over Guide

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adwords email switch over

AdWords Email Switch Over Guide

Before the everyone is treated to the new interface (which is a lot better) – this page will show you how to switch your email (especially when you need to create an MCC) on the soon to be old AdWords Interface:

The Problem

2 problem“this login is already an adwords account”

The Process

  • Need 2 browser windows open. On Chrome press CTRL+Shift+N or on Firefox press CTRL+Shift+P to double up on windows
  • On normal browser window, log out of all active sites and then clean cache before you start
  • Invite a unique email (never used on adwords) to adwords account then terminate access to usual email
  • Create MCC with usual email and link to AdWords Account


  • CID = Customer Identification Number
  • MCC = My Client Center
  • Usual Email – The email you use to log in
  • New Email – The email used to ‘free’ current log in
  • Browser – The window used to access internet


  • If an email is associated with a previous CID it can not be linked to a new adwords or MCC account
  • This process works on both MCC and usual adwords account
  • Never go to adwords page and sign up as new user with new email address
  • Don’t use Internet Explorer. Either double up on single browser or use two others

 Open Two Browsers Side By Side

6 browsers side by side

Browser Set-up

7 browser set up

  • Using browser on the right go to or click gmail in the top black navigation bar
  • Alternatively navigate to the inbox for your unique email address /or open email programme on PC and log in
  • When on Gmail click ‘create an account’ on top right and create new email address

 Browser Set-up Cont…

9 browser set up second

  • Go to using browser on the left
  • Log in to usual adwords account

 Logged Into AdWords

10 logged in left10 logged in right

  • Click on My Account in top green navigation bar
  • Select Account Access
  • Click Invite Other Users on Account Access page
  • Enter new unique email address and send invitation at admin level

 Accept Invitation

11 accept invitation

  • If using Gmail as per example simply click on link
  • If using an alternative site to access email click on the link
  • If using Outlook type software copy and paste the link into the right hand browser window

 Accept On Gmail Or Any Invited Mail

12 accept on gmail

  • I have an email address and password I already use with Google services like AdSense, Gmail, Orkut, or iGoogle
  • I’d like to use my existing Google account to log into AdWords
  • Enter password
  • Screen for Google Accounts is optional – you can click save and continue to skip
  • When prompted on the last screen – click done and invitation is accepted

 Grant Access To New Email

 13 grant access

  • Using browser on the left (where invitation was sent from) click Grant Access
  • Both email addresses can now log into the same account/CID

Terminate Access

 15 terminate access

  • On the right hand side of used email address click on Actions button
  • Select Terminate Access
  • You will see notification pop up to let you know the used email no longer has access to adwords account – user access terminated

 MCC Sign Up

 16 mcc left16 mcc right

  • Close and re-open browser on the –  left go to Google and search adwords mcc
  • Find Google AdWords – My Client Center
  • Click and sign up using blue button on MCC website

 Problem Solved!!

 17 problem solved left17 roblem solved right

  • Now that your used email has no associated CID you can sign up for the MCC or any new AdWords account with ease
  • Once process is completed you will be prompted to click go to MCC account

 How To Link The Existing CID Back In To MCC

– Click Link Existing Account (next to solid green Create Account button)

 link existing 1

Enter Customer ID from existing account

 link existing 2

Give the existing account a name and request approval

 link existing 3


Refresh the browser for existing account and accept request


 19 accept request


20 switch over complete